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Solar Water Heater

Our solar water heater are manufacrured with high quality material and it is the most affordabe and simple to install. These solar water heater use the high grade evacuated vacuum tubes and tank PUF ensure water must be hot for long time. The hot water storage tank works as a heat preservation unit that keeps water hot for an extended duration with minimal heat loss. These solar water heater availabe from in various capacity.
All models consist of 3 main parts – vacuum tubes, heat preservation tank (water tank) and the support frame. Vacuum tubes are made of twin borosilicate glass using advanced international technology. The outer part of the inner tube is coated with Aluminium Nitride that can endure a temperature of up to 350°C. The vacuum tubes absorb the sunlight and convert solar energy into power. Continuous circulation of water through the vacuum tubes increases the temperature of the water continuously. Heat preservation tank ensures water is kept hot for a longer duration. To ensure smooth water supply even during cloudy days our water heaters come with an inbuilt power back up.

solar water heater
  • 1800/58mm Borosilicate Vacuum Tubes
  • Polyurethane Foam Insulation
  • SS Inner Tank
  • GI Stand and Structure
  • Electric Boosting
  • Low Maintenance
  • Less Payback Period