Lighting Solution

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Lighting Solution

Say goodbye to darkness in the evening and costly electricity bills. Our solar-powered LED lighting solutions harness the sun’s energy to provide high-quality illumination for indoor and outdoor applications.
A battery based solar street light is a stand alone system, will store electricity from solar panel. Solar LED street light is powered by photo-voltaic panel, generally mounted on the light structure or integrated in the pole itself.

This breakthrough technology delivers a convenient, sustainable way to light your space with minimal investment and maintenance.

Advantages of Solar Street Light

  • Solar street lights are independent of the utility grid. Hence, the operation costs are minimized.
  • Solar street lights require much less maintenance compared to conventional street lights.
  • Since external wires are eliminated, risk of accidents are minimized.
  • Electricity produced from solar panels is non-pollutive.
  • Separate parts of a solar panel system can easily be transported.
  • Energy costs can be saved.


  • Unique and Sleek Design
  • Stand Alone Operation
  • Auto dusk to down
  • Automatic Operation
  • High Temperature Performance
  • Soft start Technology

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