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Electrolytic Earthing Solution

Electrolytic Earthing Solution

Bhumitech Inc is the key manufacturers and suppliers of different varieties of Earthing Electrodes. There are three categories of electrodes that we provide. They are pure Copper Earthing Electrode, GI Earthing Electrode ,SS Earthing rode along with their Electrolytic properties. The electrodes are maintenance free and are easy to install at the site. The technology used ensures it to be a long life product.
Bhumitech Inc is the prominent manufacturer and supplier of earthing backfill compounds that made up of maintenance free earthing substance. Earthing materilas are known as good earth enhancing compounds that reduces the soil resistivity and is a moisture booster in nature. It is stable under various environmental temperatures and is anti-corrosive in nature. It is certified by NABL and is said to have a life for more than 30 years.


Why Earthing Required

    Earthing is an important component of electrical systems because of the following reasons:

  • It keeps people safe by preventing electric shocks.
    It prevents damage to electrical appliances and devices by preventing excessive current from running through the circuit.
    It prevents the risk of fire that could otherwise be caused by current leakage.

How it Work

Earthing can be done by electrically connecting the respective parts in the installation to some system of electrical conductors or electrodes placed near the soil or below the ground level. The earthing mat or electrode under the ground level have flat iron riser through which all the non-current-carrying metallic parts of the equipment are connected.
When the fault occurs the fault current from the equipment flows through the earthing system to the earth and thereby protect the equipment from the fault current. At the time of the fault, the earth mat conductors rise to the voltage which is equal to the resistance of the earth mat multiplied by a ground fault.

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Which earthing suitable to your needs

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