Data Communication & Networking

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Data Communication & Networking

Data Networking is the collection of interconnected communication systems, designed to meet the current and future needs of the customers. From connecting traditional telephony with computing, carrier services, video conferencing and more, networking your communication allows us to connect clients to their customers and to the world.
Servers, routers, switches, wireless LAN and telephony combine to form a unified infrastructure to best meet the communication requirements of an organization.

Premise-Based Networks

A premise-based network is one that is owned, controlled, and maintained within the business itself. Premised-based networks provide a visual representation of all the devices within your network to indicate whether components are up and running, in a threatening state, or down. Equipped with this information, network administrators can click to view charted metrics like resource usage, bytes in and out, memory utilization, and more that will help them resolve issues or troubleshoot potential ones before users are affected. Having a premise-based network solution allows you control over your network. You can configure your solution to match your requirements exactly. The flexibility to monitor and collect data at specified intervals to meet your needs is another benefit of premise-based networks.

Hosted or Cloud Networking

Hosted or Cloud networking describes access of networking resources from another organization using Wide Area Networking (WAN) or Internet technologies. Connectivity, security, management, and control are pushed to the cloud and delivered as a service requiring fewer customer devices to manage the network. The goal is to provide secure private networks by using WAN connections and centralized management that resides in a hosted data center.

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