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35 to 50 percent of the total surface area in a typical city is pavement, according to research conducted by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Of the total pavement, about 50 percent is parking lots and 40 percent is exposed parking lots.

Researcher Haley Gilbert at the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory said that these percentages result in an environmentally damaging cycle of heat energy.

“It’s amazing how hot these pavements get and how we’ve let them cover most of our urban surfaces, because dark pavements absorb almost all of the sun’s energy, the pavement surface heats up, which in turn also warms the local air and aggravates urban heat islands.”

But there is a solution: covering parking lots with solar panel roofs. Such technology would reflect heat from the sun and use the sun’s energy to power buildings and electric cars. Therefore the pavement would absorb less heat, causing the air to cool down.
Parking lot solar parking installations are an excellent installation option for malls, airports, hospitals and other facilities with large parking areas. Not only will you generate green power, but your employees and customers will appreciate the shade to protect their vehicles.

Amaging things happen when you install solar power plant

electricity saving
Immediate savings on your electricity bills

Electricity Saving

space utilization
You can utilize the your waste space to product electricity

Space Utilization

green energy
You contribute for lower carbon footprints

Green Energy

Protection from future hikes in electricity costs

Future Revenue Saving

low maintenance
You will spend very low cost for the maintenance

Low maintenance cost

property value
After solar plant installation your property value get increased

Improved property value

Let's Convert waste space into Power Plant

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car parking

Solar Car

We have team of experts who design and use the waste space for car parking, paid parking and public parking.

solar airport

Solar for

We understand airport have more electricity consumption then other so Go SOLAR Go GREEN

airport lounge

Power Plant for

Mall required more power then any commercial entity.


Power Plant for

Electricity is mandatory for utility and we provide it by SOLAR.

Power Partner

We know electricity is IMPORTANT during critical care. Our Solar Power solution have high reliability so you never struggle during critical care.


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